Overkill Character Sheet

At the end of last year, I got mad at the character sheet I had and made a new one (in this post).

But, of course, I couldn’t leave it there.  I made new ones, but didn’t post them.  In cleaning out stuff today, I found them, so I figure I might as well post them.

The advantage with this set has is that they bypass the character/cell limit, which is a huge problem in Excel2003 and older.  They also scroll more smoothly.  Before, if you filled up a cell with info, it scrolled that cell’s height, so it was really hard to see info sometimes.

So, new sheets:

Character Sheet (Excel 2007) character

Character Sheet (Excel 2003 & older) character-2

With these sheets:

– layer #1 is for overall summary information

– layer #2 adds the tables with the white cells

– layer #3 adds the beige cells, which are for more detailed information, but keep it short because there are cell text limits, plus the scrolling gets obnoxious if cells are tall

– layer #4 adds text areas for very long and detailed information, these text-boxes can be made to be 2-column if your lines are short. BUT!! notice under the text boxes are purple cells.  Your text-boxes will grow to the size of the text you input, and as the text-box grows, add another row of purple cells underneath it, so text-box is always within rows of purple cells.  The purple cells are important if you want the text-boxes to collapse properly.  (this works better in the 2007 version than is does in the 2003 version)

– layer #5 adds instructions and hints for filling in the section.

For wallpaper and walk-on characters, just fill in layer#1.  As the character grows more complex, fill in more detailed layers.  Expand or contract as you desire.

Have fun.

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