McTaggart: The Field & The Intention Experiment

“The Field” Lynne McTaggart, Harper Perennial, 2002
“The Intention Experiment”, Lynne McTaggart, Free Press, 2007

Even though I actually finished “The Intention Experiment” last night, I’m going to include both books with today’s date, because I know both books are going to be a influence over the entire year to come.

They are both examinations of quantum physics and the zero-point field, and how the zero-point field effects our every day life, without most of us even knowing it.

Lynne describes many experiments that have been done by reputable scientists into the power of human thought, presumably transmitted through the zero-point field. The experiments are varied, most replicated by other labs, and the outcomes have intriguing implications.

I’m not sure how accessible the first would be to somebody without a fair background in quantum physics, but I understood it completely. The second is more accessible, being less technical.

I found both fascinating reading. But the most fascinating thing I found, was that not once when Lynne was describing the zero-point field did she mention that it sounds amazingly like a description of God. Maybe science has found God, and just won’t admit it, yet. 🙂

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