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Children wait outside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, after the shooting.Yes, the story dominating yesterday's and today's news is tragic and very sad: 'Why? Why?': 26 dead in elementary school massacre

Yes, I feel very sad for all the families who lost loved ones.  Yes, I feel sad for so many lives cut short, including the life of the gunman. Yes, I think some of the images coming from the day are going to become as iconic in their own way as some of the photos of 9...

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Enlightened thinking is useless if our actions aren't aligned with our thoughts.

Thinking is the key, and our actions are the lock. We can unlock the door to what we want if we have both a key and a lock to put it in.

Enlightened action must accompany enlightened thought.

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I finished the latest book by my favorite author, and then the next day I picked it up and read it again.  In the process of reading it the second time, I revised my "The Perfect Book" criteria.

My "The Perfect Book" criteria used to be:

When I pick up The Perfect Book a second time, I read every word again.

Because when a book is good enough that I want to read it again, the biggest issue I run into is that most of the time the authors dump big chunks of too much information and backstory into the story.  So when I go back to read the book again, I already know all that information and end up skipping big chunks of the book the second time around.

It's a joy when I run into a book that's so skillfully written that the backstory is seamlessly interwoven into the story and it's no hardship to read every word the second time.  I really, really enjoy those stories, and...

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A while back, I finished reading a book by a big-name author and was completely disgusted by the hero and heroine.  About three-quarters of the way into the book, the hero makes a TSTL* (Too Stupid To Live) decision that I couldn't believe, and then to make the situation even worse, this TSTL decision was promptly followed by the heroine upping the TSTL quotient, to the point that I almost threw the book against the wall.  The only saving grace was that I bought the book off the bargain rack and didn't pay full price for it.

As I thought about the book, I realized that the author needed to get the hero and heroine (H&H) into a bad situation.  Okay.  I understand that.  They needed to be there for the rest of the plot to work.  I'm good with Hs&Hs being put in bad situations.

What wasn't okay with me was that in order to get into this nasty situation, the H&H had to make several TSLT decisions in a row...

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